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inlisol's solution enables 24/7 remote monitoring for wellbeing

For Family Members

Reduce your stress levels?

We provide you peace of mind in your hand about your loved ones.

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For Nursing Homes

Decrease the care personnel workload?

We can reduce a significant amount of workload.

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For Home Care

Monitor the safety of your residents?
We can increase your real-time understanding of the resident’s status.

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Our monitoring solutions for remote care

(*) Sales area EU

Time & Money

Care business are under tremendous pressure with lack of care personnel. With inlisol you can reduce nighttime patrolling up to 90% by eliminating individual visits to residents for manual check-up.


1 in every 3 people over 65 reports a fall every year​ (UKK Institute Finland, 2021). inlisol fast fall detection ​can ensure fast respond to fall related emergencies, reducing patient’s recovery time and cost.

Health and Well-being

Everyone would like to age at own home. inlisol can prolong independent living with 24/7 remote monitoring.



An innovative B2B-platform designed for elderly care facilities and services 

Intelligent sensors

Activity sensors discreetly track and analyze residents' movements and behaviors, providing invaluable insights to enhance their safety and quality of life.

Software & AI monitoring

Equipped with advanced software and AI monitoring capabilities, we empower elderly care facilities to deliver personalized care based on real-time data.

24/7 activity signals

24/7 activity signals offer continuous insight into residents' well-being, enabling timely interventions and personalized care in elderly care facilities.

About inlisol

inlisol solution enables 24/7 remote monitoring for wellbeing. Our AI based technology improves the quality of life of older adults so that they can stay safe and happy at home for as long as possible.

Elevate Elderly Care with Us

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